Efficient lighting in tight spaces: the new thePassa for corridors and hallways

ThebenHTS presents the new thePassa presence detectors for energy-efficient, presence-dependent lighting control in corridors, hallways and high bay warehouses. Thanks to two detection areas that can be controlled separately, both lighting areas can be precisely separated, switched on and off and controlled (KNX version).  

The highlights of the thePassa corridor sensorsat a glance:

  • Two individually controllable detection areas: 
    Total detection area of 5 x 30 m with two lighting areas that can be switched on and off individually (in the case of KNX and DALI models, two lighting areas per lighting channel or lighting group)
  • Convenient configuration:
    Via theSenda Plug app and theSenda B remote control
  • Chaser light (KNX): 
    Recognises the direction of movement of the people in the room and "predictively" switches on the lights in adjacent lighting groups
  • Aura effect (KNX):
    The aura effect function switches on the lighting group when there is a person in its detection area and dims the adjacent lighting groups. This helps thePassa guarantee better orientation and greater safety
  • Walking direction recognition (KNX): 
    Increased comfort, e.g. thanks to automatic opening of doors when a person is approaching
  • HVAC applications (DALI):
    An additional group for an external relay can be used for HVAC applications, among others
  • Protection class IP 54: 
    For safe use even in wet rooms


Technical data, function description and further information:

 * Note: Special production with longer delivery time!


Available june 2018

Download Productnews 2018: